Retainer Instructions


  • Wear your retainer at all times, until the doctor instructs otherwise.
  • Wear your retainer when eating. Remove, brush, or rinse your retainer after eating. Initially, we recommend smaller bites of food, chewing slower, and eating softer foods until you adapt to this. After all, if denture patients can eat with dentures in their mouths, shouldn’t orthodontic patients be able to eat with small and secure retainers in place? Most retainers are lost when removed for eating.
  • Remove retainers for swimming and place them in the retainer case.
  • Clean the retainer thoroughly once a day with a toothbrush and toothpaste. Use cool water. Brushing retainers removes the plaque, and eliminates odors. Efferdent® or other orthodontic appliance cleaners can be used but do not take the place of brushing. Soaking the retainer overnight infrequently in a solution of half apple cider vinegar and half water does wonders!
  • When your retainer is not in your mouth, it should ALWAYS be in its case. Pets love to chew on them!
  • Initially, you may find it difficult to speak. Practice speaking, reading, or singing out loud to get used to it faster.
  • Retainers are breakable, so treat yours with care. If your retainer gets lost or broken, call us immediately.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about your retainer, or you believe it needs adjusting, call us. Do not try to adjust it yourself.
  • Always bring your retainer to your appointments.
  • Retainer replacements are expensive, but with proper care they will last for years!
  • If you have any questions about your retainer, please ask us. We are here to help!